Berg & Gesund

Our guests can participate in BERG-GESUND's sporting activities free of charge.
Expert hiking guides will accompany you: hike with snow shoes, ice climbing, ski touren.
The activities are partly for beginners and also for advanced.

Please note further information such as equipment, previous knowledge, ... at: (for all events there is a limited number of participants, so we recommend you to register online at: Directly at the reception.

The price does not include cable cars, buses and taxis, equipment, drinks and snacks.
You can reserve the equipment at the Sport2000 in Großarl at:

Winter program guilty from 28 December 2020 to end of season*

hike with snow shoes - get a taste (easy) Großarl or Hüttschlag (max. 10 persons)
ski tour - get a taste (easy) Großarl or Hüttschlag (max. 8 persons)
„fitness“-winter walking (easy) in Großarl/Unterberg (max. 10 persons)

ski tour (medium) Karkogel or Kreuzeck in Hüttschlag (max. 8 persons)
ice climbing - get a taste (easy) in Großarl - Kleinbrettenebengut (max. 6 persons)

ski tour (medium) Penkkopf, Filzmooshörndl or Loosbühel (max. 8 persons)

hiking with snow shoes (medium) Ellmautal, Loosbühelalm (max. 10 persons)
ski tour (medium) Kieserl/Fulseck – Downhill skiing on slopes posible (max. 8 persons)

hiking with snow shoes (medium) Hirschgrubenalm in Hüttschlag (max. 10 persons)

Meeting points, tour descriptions, equipment, requirements, ...
Can be found in the weekly program of the Tourism Association Großarltal as well as on the Internet at: Short-term changes to the weekly program are possible.

Out of consideration for the group, dogs are not allowed!
* Program on Friday, Saturday and Monday until December 28th, 2020!