Chapel trail Grossarl

Hiking on the chapel path is regeneration for body and soul. At each chapel one of the 10 commandments is rephrased into a good wish, that is intended to guide us on our (life) path. The starting point for the chapel trail hike is the parish church in Großarl. The trails leads in the direction of Hüttschlag, along the way you pass by the Laireiting-, the Bichl-, the Figler-, the Griesbichl-, the Neuhof- as well as the Schappach chapel. Then you come to the church in Hüttschlag. It leads you further to the top of the valley. Along the way are the Wolfau-, Karteis-, Maurach and Hubertus chapels. The Petrtill chapel at the top of the valley in Hüttschlag builds the end of this tour. This chapel was built in commemoration of soldiers who returned home from the Second World War. It should inspire us all to be thankful. The trail is approx. 16,5 km long, and it can of course be walked in stages.

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