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Climbing - Adventure in the mountains

Climbing in the Alps, Großarl and Hüttschlag with three fixed rope routes!
For beginners, there are a slightly shorter and simpler climbing ferrata named "Gletschergoaß" (Level A - C, length 150m, height: 50m).

Newly created in year 2012 is the fixed rope routr "Franzl" (labeled from his builder Richard Franzl) with a length of 400 meters and a height of 210 meters, level of difficulty: C - D.

More climbing in the Grossarl Valley offers the "Bella Cascinaia" at the Saukarkopf (2,048 m) and about 10 different difficult climbing routes at the Schuhflicker (2,214 m) and its pre-peaks. A climbing set and a helmet are essential important for the routes.

Rules on the fixed rope routes:

  • Comprehensive Planning - Look carefully at the description of the climbing route in advance and then choose the route that suits your body and condition.
  • The goal is adapted to the personal requirements. Cliff experience and deception freedom are essential for climbing.
  • Take complete and standard equipment with you! Helmet, helmet and climbing set are standard, gloves and climbing shoes are recommended.
  • Special attention to the weather! In case of snow, rain, thunderstorms (lightning is particularly dangerous) or moisture and ice in no case get into the wall.
  • No blind trust in the riser system! Set up a special attention to safety hook and steel cable.
  • Partner check at the entrance! Before you enter the route, especially look at loops, knots and carabiner of your climbing partner.
  • Keep sufficient distances! A fall often happens unpredictably and quickly, so keep a minimum distance of 2 steel rope anchors between the climbers. Especially attention on loose stones and kick off any stones.
  • Clear communication and consideration for other climbers. Tell your climbing division in good time what you are doing or if you have difficulties.
  • Downstream exclusively on the marked trails.